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Scrojo Wonderland Freakout Art Print

Scrojo Wonderland Freakout Art Print

"Getting part of my start doing graphic design and chalkboard illustrations in local coffeehauses "Alice In Wonderland" was always a good fall-back position when coming up with a theme. It's instantly recognizable and vaguely devious with the internal soundtrack going straight to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" (plus you get to directly state "eat me" and all think it's funny). The second t-shirt I designed for the pannikin was a direct "Alice" design with locals as the main characters including a self-portrait as the door mouse."


This art print is featured in Scrojo's art exhibition, A Product Of My Environment.

Artist: Scrojo
13 x 13 inches
SKU SCR_EXH_12_wonderland-freakout
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