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Scrojo Pele Lounge Style Art Print

Scrojo Pele Lounge Style Art Print

"Embracing both the original tiki lounge aesthetics of the 50's into the 70's and it's modern revival starting in the 90's. During the 70's you were almost guaranteed to find a "Mr Bali Hai" mug in a bathroom or kitchen in every house in Encinitas. The only local tiki bar I can remember during my drinking days was the Mandarine Coast in Solana Beach. There they served the "Volcano". As the name implies it was in a gargantuan bowl shaped like a volcano, filled with massive amounts of high-octane alcohol and served flaming."


This art print is featured in Scrojo's art exhibition, A Product Of My Environment.

Artist: Scrojo
13 x 13 inches
SKU SCR_EXH_11_pele-lounge-style
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