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Scrojo Attitude Adjustment Art Print

Scrojo Attitude Adjustment Art Print

"A no-brainer combination of the Kardiff Kook along with the color scheme from John Van Hamersveld's iconic "Endless Summer" poster. I titled it "Attitude Adjustment" because I think the kook is the greatest example of how much power a simple change in attitude has. When the statue was first unveiled people lost their minds and there was complete bellicosity and rancor directed at the art. I believe the majority of locals would have been absolutely content in having it ripped down and ritualistically destroyed. Then some unknown savior climbed up and decorated it with a luchador mask and pink tutu and everything changed. It is now one of the defining images for our community. Same amount of stone, same amount of metal in the same shape in the same place. Completely hated to absolutely loved with just a change in attitude."


This art print is featured in Scrojo's art exhibition, A Product Of My Environment.

Artist: Scrojo
13 x 13 inches
SKU SCR_EXH_03_attitude-adjustment
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