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In the late 1970s copy stores began to pop up around the country, making it chaep and easy for bands to create flyers and handbills to advertise punk rock shows. The Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, the Keystone Berkeley and Hong Kong Cafe in Los Angeles were at the forefront of the early punk scene. Since punk and New Wave flyers were printed on thin paper, they are extremely hard to find in top condition. They are also heavily counterfeited. All the handbills here are originals and were obtained directly from band memebers and other primary sources including Dirk Dirksen, the legendary promoter of most of the early Mabuhay shows.

Other punk-related memorabilia (particularly more recent bands) may be found by clicking the Rock Posters link above and using the search box to search for a particular band or venue. See also: New Wave Concert Posters

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