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Elvis Presley Posters : Elvis Presley Concert Posters

Arguably the most popular singer in American pop history, Elvis Presley has sold more records than any other solo act and is regarded as one of the most influential and important figures in 20th century pop culture. Since his 1956 emergence as the face of rock and roll, his hits crossed many genres including rockabilly, country, pop, and gospel. He went on star in a number of movies and numerous television appearances that highlighted his versatile voice and controversial (for the times) on-stage gyrations. In 1973 he put on the first global live-by-satellite television broadcast which was seen by 1.5 billion viewers.
Dread Zeppelin
$ 25
Hawaii 1972
$ 150
Elvis Presley
$ 100
Rock and Roll Hell
$ 50
Shaw - Flamin' Elvis
D.King Gallery
$ 50

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