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Dennis King

Dealer in Vintage Sportscards
& Memorabilia

- Since 1976 -

Major update in progress!
New material being added regularly

new! College Football Media Guides

new! Vintage Sports Pennants, Banners and Pillows

new! College Football Decals and Stickers

new! Pro Football Media Guides

new! Sports Posters

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1887 N-28 Allen & Ginter World Champions

1888 N-29 Allen & Ginter World Champions

1909-1911 E90 American Caramel

1909-1912 Colgan's Chips

1911 T-201 Mecca Doublefolders

Autographed 1920's Exhibits

Babe Ruth Cards

Ty Cobb Cards

Lou Gehrig Cards

1921-1922 W575-1

1921-1923 National Caramel E220

1922 American Caramel E121 Series of 120

1923 W515-1 Strip Cards

1927 W560 "Playing Card" Strip Cards

1958 S.F. Call Bulletin -with tabs

1958 S.F. Call Bulletin - no tabs

PCL Issues:

1916 ZeeNuts

1921 ZeeNuts

1929 ZeeNut Near Set

1931 ZeeNuts

1947 Remar

1948 Smith's

1953 Mother's Cookies

Japanese Issues:

Sadaharu Oh Cards

Coming Soon:

The Grandaddy of T Card Issues!

T-206 Complete Set

More E cards


1919-1937 ZeeNuts

More Japanese Cards

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2284 Fulton St.
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 548-1062