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Family Dog at the Great Highway Posters , Postcards & Handbills

After the city of San Francisco refused to renew the Family Dog's business license at the Avalon Ballroom, Chet Helms found a new location on the Great Highway "at the edge of the Western World". An extensive run of handbills but few posters comprise this loose-knit and difficult to find extension of the Family Dog poster, handbill and postcard series.
FD # GH690801-1 Grateful Dead Family Dog Poster FDGH690801
FD # GH690801-1
Grateful Dead
$ 250
FD # GH690829-1 Grateful Dead Family Dog postcard FDGH690829
FD # GH690829-1
Grateful Dead
$ 225
FD # GH690925-1 Light Artist's Jam Family Dog postcard FDGH690925
FD # GH690925-1
Light Artist's Jam
$ 125
FD # GH691007-1 Timothy Leary Family Dog postcard FDGH691007
FD # GH691007-1
Timothy Leary
$ 200
FD # GH691024-1 Barry McGuire  Family Dog postcard FDGH691024
FD # GH691024-1
Barry McGuire
$ 100
FD # GH691107-1 Velvet Underground Family Dog postcard FDGH691107
FD # GH691107-1
Velvet Underground
$ 500
FD # GH700227-1 Grateful Dead Family Dog handbill FDGH700227
FD # GH700227-1
Grateful Dead
$ 250
FD # GH700814-1 It's A Beautiful Day Family Dog handbill FDGH700814
FD # GH700814-1
Beautiful Day
$ 150

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