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Dennis King

Dealer in Vintage Sportscards
& Memorabilia

- Since 1976 -

Major update in progress!
New material being added regularly

new! College Football Media Guides

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1887 N-28 Allen & Ginter World Champions

1888 N-29 Allen & Ginter World Champions

1909-1911 E90 American Caramel

1909-1912 Colgan's Chips

1911 T-201 Mecca Doublefolders

Autographed 1920's Exhibits

Babe Ruth Cards

Ty Cobb Cards

Lou Gehrig Cards

1921-1922 W575-1

1921-1923 National Caramel E220

1922 American Caramel E121 Series of 120

1923 W515-1 Strip Cards

1927 W560 "Playing Card" Strip Cards

1951 Topps Redbacks, 1952 Topps,

1953 Topps
, 1954 Topps

1955 Topps
, 1956 Topps

1957 Topps

1958 S.F. Call Bulletin -with tabs

1958 S.F. Call Bulletin - no tabs

PCL Issues:

1916 ZeeNuts

1921 ZeeNuts

1929 ZeeNut Near Set

1931 ZeeNuts

1947 Remar

1948 Smith's

1953 Mother's Cookies

Japanese Issues:

Sadaharu Oh Cards

Coming Soon:

The Grandaddy of T Card Issues!

T-206 Complete Set

More E cards


1919-1937 ZeeNuts

More Japanese Cards

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2284 Fulton St.
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 548-1062