TRPS - The Rock Poster Society - Origins

What would come to be called The Rock Poster Society or TRPS had it's beginning in the late summer of 1998 when Janis Smith visited my gallery and asked if there were any clubs she could join where she could learn about posters. I informed her that not only were there no such organizations, but that I'd had virtually no luck in getting any of the advanced collectors or dealers to contribute time or effort into putting collecting information into print or on the web. I had recently published and mailed out the first and only issue of The Rock Poster Collector to which John Lyons graciously contributed an article. Our appeals for help in creating "a freely accessable archive of published articles, reference materials, and news related to poster collecting" met with resounding silence... Sensing Janis' enthusiasm, I suggested that she should take it upon herself start the "club" that she was looking for and that I would be happy to offer my help. Janis called me not long after to inform me that she had spoken to Larry Williams and that he too was interested in helping.

Within a month we had arranged for eight people to meet in a small cafe down the street from my gallery. Seven of us expressed an interest in moving forward and meeting again. I offered the use of my gallery for subsequent meetings. Within six months we had grown to nearly twenty members and decided we that it was time to choose a name. One member suggested Rock Art Poster Society which would have ended up being shortened to RAPS. This sounded out of character for a group that was primarily concerned with sixties rock posters so I suggested TRIPS ("The rock or something poster society"), a name that was evocative of both the Sixties and The Rock Poster Collector, the original newsletter that had indirectly led to the groups formation. To which Lee Conklin replied, "You don't need the i." ... and TRPS was born.

- Dennis King

This is the original TRPS Rock Poster Society webpage which includes the mission statement and goals penned by Dennis King in 1999.
(It has been hosted continuously by D.King Gallery Rock Posters since it was created):

Founded in the fall of 1998 by a small contingent of local collectors, dealers, artists and enthusiasts, TRPS, "The Rock Poster Society", is a nonprofit organization which seeks to perpetuate and promote the long standing relationship between music and graphic art that we so fondly call "Rock Poster Art."

Our Goals Are:

To generate interest and public awareness of poster art.

To act as a hub of information and resources that shall be available to all.

To encourage the free exchange of critical archival advice and counsel.

To embrace and perpetuate the ongoing tales and folk lore surrounding these vibrant works and to offer insight into their historical backgrounds.

To bring to the forefront, through public events and exhibits, the many great artists who created these works and to unite them with their fans.

To explore the continuing tradition of rock poster art from its origins to its most recent incarnations.

To attempt to form a worldwide link with others who share the same interests and passions.

And finally, to create a sense of community and fellowship among those who are drawn to the joy of collecting so that we may all bask in the wealth of our obsession.

You are cordially invited to join us. For further info please email us.

Flyer for the 1st TRPS artist event
March, 1999 at D.King Gallery

Flyer for the 2nd TRPS artist event
July, 1999 at D.King Gallery